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No matter what game on any console, the Cheatbook database 2011 has the right solution.



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Cheatbook Database 2011

There are computer - or console games, that it defies easy. Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel for more than 20,000 computer and console games, because for so many games you can find cheats and solutions at the Cheatbook database 2011.

Cheats are small cheating, with which you can solve seemingly unsolvable problems in computer and console games. But even a corresponding note or a description helps sometimes, get you further. You can find both in the Cheatbook database 2011. Who like enjoys to gamble good, not coming past actually on this program. Instead of itself extensively in the Internet cheats and hints to search for, you can check the tips and tricks in the Cheatbook database 2011 to your current game.

Available for Windows from Windows 95 version Cheatbook database 2011 is this quickly downloaded and installed. You will quickly realize that you save not only time in finding the solutions to your games problem, but also really help the cheats. The reason is that the Cheatbook database 2011 with maintained by users like you, which means you can edit existing cheats and improve or add your own cheats. With the current version, this processing option has been improved and simplified, so that an active cooperation has become even easier.

In addition to the existing base of database, an update that you can download for free as well as the actual database will appear every month. Thus you stay don't care always up to date, what game you play on any system. From the PC via the various Playstations, the Microsoft and Nintendo consoles including the Nintendo DS and the PSP to the iPhone and iPod touch, all systems are represented. Just try the freeware and let convince you!

Description of the version: Cheatbook Database 2011

The current version of Cheatbook database 2011 contains now solution instructions for more than 20,000 games for the PC, various PlayStations including PSP, all Nintendo console since the Sega, the GameCube and the XBox 360 as well as the iPhone and the iPod touch. Through the enhanced editing functions, you can change the individual cheats, or add your own cheats, so that the database is constantly growing and is always up to date. In addition, a free update is published monthly.

Features of the current version of Cheatbook database 2011:

• Cheats for over 20,000 computer and console games
• Freeware, can be run from Windows 95
• Cheats can be edited
• You can add your own cheats
• Free monthly update

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