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With cheat engine you can cheat and cheat, enlarge the own advantage in the game.



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Cheat Engine

Cheat engine helps, as also the name of the tool suggests, to cheat at the games.

With its help, you can outsmart a game and thus increase the chances of own, or challenge each other even more.

When you play, you know the situation that for example the player's virtual life time is running. You see, that you will not succeed. Have you downloaded cheat engine, you can use the situation to the good. A scanner in the program tracks the changes in memory and detects critical values for the game. So, the tool allows you to intervene and to enter values according to the imagination. So, you can increase for example the amount of ammunition available to friends or enlarge a necessary supply of gold. And not only intervene you, by using the supplied debugger, an assembler/disassembler and an integrated tool, each player can create their own cheat patches. The creators of the program just in case pointed out that some programs reported an attack on the security when downloading cheat engine. However, the program developers assert that it was a false alarm, that so guaranteed no malware is included. Under the tools, games, cheat engine at the gamers is quite successful. An advantage that is estimated is that cheat engine download is free, also.

Cheat engine can be loaded with the normal routine of installation on the computer. You can now readout the data of the game or any other application from the store with his help and with a certain exercise will also change. Here, the corresponding data in the game must be identified to then learn a revision. The program speaks English, but still easy to use.

Description of the version: Cheat Engine

The version 6.0 of cheat engine on January 10, 2011 for download provided by dark byte. It is not just about a new version, but a port of Delphi to FreePascal/Lazarus (64 bit supported). This, however some features of the previous versions are no longer available. If you miss them too much, can rely on the version 5.6.1. In the current version, the address list and the debugger were fundamentally newly installed and a refactoring of hex view made.

A lot of new features included in version 6.0.

• Now a 64-bit version
• Different compilers: Delphi replaced by Lazarus
• New debugger interface is the VEHDebugger
• Multiple luaRoutinen added
• Completely redesigned HexView
• Higher Pointerscanner speed

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