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Chasys draw is a simple image editing program with an extensive range of tools.



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Chasys Draw

Chasys draw is a simple image editing software that can compete with professional tools. You edit pictures and photos with various filters and other tools and then save it to a desired format.

Image editing software Chasys draw has some features that are comparable with professional programs. You open the popular image file formats, and beat them with the existing Toolbox. The built-in tools include among others the exemption function, add text, and various drawing tools. As well, the program offers all the necessary tools to retouch a photo to produce a good quality. This includes also the change of light and contrast effects.

Some filters were also fitted in the image editing software Chasys draw. To get photos special effects and can be upgraded so artistically. In contrast to many other free image editing programs, Chasys draw contains a layer function in which you can overlay different image elements. Using the history function, do you follow all the steps made and can make them again if necessary. The user interface of the program is very easy, thus cope even novice with the application. The language is in German, so there is also no difficulties in understanding.

Image editing software Chasys draw with the idea developed, to offer a free toolkit, which you can use to optimize images simply. The function range up to professional tools, even though they have still have a slight advantage. The software supports all major Windows operating systems, so you can install it on almost all computers.

Description of the version: Chasys Draw

A Photoshop support built into the latest version of Chasys draw. You can associate both programs, thereby combining the functions of the programs. The installation of the software has been improved, which you now can run in the background. A drag- and -drop was incorporated into the UI now function, so you can simply drag the various elements in the image. Now, you can see the history feature in a new window, you can move freely in the surface.

The most important functions in Chasys draw 3.63

• Built a support function for Photoshop
• Improved installation of the software in the background
• Drag- and -drop feature in the user interface
• History function in a new window

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