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ChanSort is a free channel list editor for Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and LG TV.



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  • Updated: 05.03.2014


Channels for the TV Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and LG on the computer can be managed with ChanSort.

The sorting of channels is still an ordeal in new TV sets. With the remote control, the channels can be difficult arranged.

ChanSort creates a remedy here. Channels on the computer can be sorted with this free program.

The channel list stored on the TV can be exported via a USB stick and download in the program ChanSort on the computer. The enclosed manual carefully explains how it works.

The following TV devices are currently supported: LG TV of series CS, LA, LN, LD, LE, LH, LM, LK, LV, LW and PM. Samsung TV of series B, C, D, SC, and F. Toshiba models with channel lists in the zip chmgt.db. Panasonic televisions starting in 2011 with a svl.db or svl.bin channel list.

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