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Challenger encryption is a very secure encryption program on the market.



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Challenger Verschlüsselung

Challenger encryption is the perfect software, if you care is to protect your data on disk drives or folders from unauthorized access. Conventional procedures are far too dangerous, which is why you should necessarily put on the strengths of Challenger encryption. You need administrator rights for installing Challenger encryption. Simple user rights are sufficient, and your data is safe.

Challenger encryption recognizes, even by itself, if someone has tried to manipulate your program. You can be always sure that Challenger encryption is working properly. The encryption is done via synchronous stream encryption, a fast encryption method, which is ideal for local data protection as well as for closed communication circuits.

Even mobile, with Challenger encryption, you can secure your data. Challenger encryption can simply copy on a USB stick and use from there. You can then both encrypt data on a hard disk with Challenger encryption both on the UBS stick itself. USB-stick the data encryption on the is safe, even if you stick should lose.

Other features of Challenger encryption:

• Reference check detects tampering
• Detection of corrupt Cryptograms
• Secure deletion of original data
• Phrase concept guarantees safe handling of program
• Create bootable Windows CD
• Support for the U3 standard

The encryption process by Challenger encryption

Challenger encryption is being developed by the German programmers and entrepreneurs Bernhard and Helge Fomm. You wanted to apply for a technically safe procedure that is immune to the usual password robbery in their program. These threats include such keyloggers that capture the input of the password on the keyboard, or that the password is coaxed to users in other ways. You wanted to consider these risks in the development of the cipher and opted for a two key procedures. It consists of a conventional password phrase and a further key that consists of real random numbers. These random numbers are not obtained by mathematical algorithms, you could crack, but by electrical noise, and so by a physical process, where the random number generator can virtually never fall into a cycle. Challenger encryption can win the noise data for example from your sound card.

Description of the version: Challenger Verschlüsselung

Secure your data now even faster and more effectively with the new version of the Challenger encryption. Designed also for the mobile encryption via USB-stick, the software can be easily install and run. This, the latest version uses no mathematical encryption, but the current encryption. The original data can now completely delete to encrypt on request - so you guaranteed protects your files from prying eyes.

The latest version of the Challenger encryption:

• Secure and fast encryption with stream encryption.
• Simplified installation and execution.
• Also for the mobile encryption on the USB-stick suitable.
• Complete deleting of the original files upon request.

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