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You accelerate your Internet connection with cFosSpeed, and upgrade the data throughput.



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CFosSpeed tool provides more speed when you download files or play online games - to do this, the program uses a technology known as traffic shaping, which analyzed the data streams and prioritized.

CFosSpeed tuning-tool accelerates your Internet connection and brings you to a number of essential benefits: files that you can download and save on your hard drive with more speed, you can surf during up - and download processes still more easily on the Internet. Especially when using so-called file-sharing programs, which at the same time data packages up and downloaded can cFosSpeed positive become apparent. You get a lower ping values in online games and get access to better servers in this way, connection times can be reduced here accordingly. CFosSpeed all online players and users of file-sharing services to recommend is generally – even playing downloads at the same time progress is possible.

cFosSpeed works with the so-called traffic-technology of shaping to increase the speed of your connection. Thereby, the data flows in both directions are revised, whereby the tool assigns priorities the main data packets - so for example, cFosSpeed ensures that downloads are not mutually slow down. In addition programs such as E-Mail clients are prevented from slowing down other applications, and with the integrated graphical real-time analysis, you lose the ongoing connection activities not from the look. cFosSpeed works not only with DSL, but also with Wi-Fi, UMTS, modem and other variants - who takes advantage of multiple connections to the Internet, the software brings the many advantages in terms of speed.

Description of the version: cFosSpeed

The tuning tool cFosSpeed were for version 6.50 some new features and many improvements bought. The program examines TCP streams now and prevent them if necessary, to send too many data - so in addition to increase the data throughput. Improved the speed of installation on your PC, added several commands for the command line. Overall many more small revisions and improvements have been made, at the same time several bugs of the previous version have been fixed permanently.

This gives you the current version 6.50 cfosspeed

• New features to further curb speed losses
• Increased speed of installation
• New commands for the command line
• Many enhancements and improvements
• Known errors of the previous versions have been corrected

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