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CFos is one of the most powerful optimization tools for your Internet connection.



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Is your Internet connection just too slow for you? You no want more on a tough page layout or delays in your Internet games? Then, perhaps, it is time for cFos, a tool that can make your computer faster. Again and again comes it, that your Internet connection is not properly configured, and you must therefore wait? Let simply by cFos make all relevant settings, so that you no longer need to worry to the touchy topic. Get the most out of your DSL modem and move faster through the Internet. Data storage must no longer be if you are previously informed and takes advantage of cFos. The tool is installed on your computer immediately and tiny. It automatically identifies where there are problems with your Internet connection, and fixes them for you. With this tool, you're on the safe side and can move finally back quickly on the Internet.

CFos offers you the opportunity to distribute your available bandwidth on your applications. You can more quickly surf the Web, read emails and download files in the background. The bandwidth is always automatically there directed by cFos, where you really need it.

CFos monitors all of your incoming and outgoing data packets, and so always exactly know where could arise just a bottleneck at the speed. Especially when you are very active in sharing, CFos can certainly you're going. The program is the ideal partner for all those who need to download large data packets and want to interrupt their work not at the same time.

Other features of cFos:

• P2P
• VoIP support
• Low ping
• Prioritize programs
• Prioritize protocols
• also for ISDN

The developers of cFos

The helpful little tool of cFos is programmed by the same manufacturer since 2005 and provided Internet users like you. CFos uses advanced technology to optimize your Internet connection. It has caused sensation in the trade press and demonstrably increased the speed of the Internet connection. If you want to include users of cFos, then the trial version from the website of the manufacturer down load you just. The program is fully capable of running on all Windows operating systems: Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7.

Description of the version: cFos

The single choice driver of cFos for ISDN, DSL and modem has several new features in the current version and makes it even faster and more convenient the surfing for you. The system now has limits, that limit the maximum available bandwidth for specific applications. Also a new skin is available and allows a real time analysis of data traffic. The ping engine has been rewritten and the dialog system has been improved.

New features of cFos in the version 8.00

• Limits to limit the bandwidth for some applications.
• New analysis option for data traffic.
• Remote Ping Engine is now working with Meta Ping.

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