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Celestia is a space simulation that brings you more than 100,000 stars and planets.



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About the navigation of Celestia, you can choose you directly interesting and friends known objects. As jump targets both our Sun and planets in our solar system are stored. If it should be bigger, then you can also directly show you our galaxy with Celestia. All objects you can with Celestia in the area consider thereby completely rotated 360 degrees. Thus you can from planet both consider the day as well as the night side and around its own axis rotate the planet or the Moon by pressing the right mouse button.

With the mouse wheel, you can zooming the object with Celestia, and look at the details. Through images of space telescopes such as Hubble, the surfaces are usually very faithfully depicted and give a realistic impression of the planets and moons. For each displayable object, you may have to show you more information by pressing the right mouse button. Partially Celestia links to external databases, with stars you can directly show the planets orbiting the Sun. You then select a planet as a target, you can fly to this. For the planet, you can then use Celestia again display the moons you can and then travel to these. So, you can explore the whole universe, gradually.

For the Earth with you can let you additionally satellite viewing Celestia as ISS or the Hubble space telescope. For each of the planets, you may have to show various reference axes, as well as the current position to the Sun. And you also get access to all the planets of our solar system with Celestia and the solar system browser can display them or their moons directly you. Best you even trying out the software and download you Celestia download feature here from our Web site. The functions are varied and excellent display quality good.

Features of celestia:

• Space simulation
• Access to 100,000 star
• Detailed information to all stars, planets and moons
• Image and video capture
• Freeware
• For Windows 98, 2000, me, XP, Windows Vista

Background information on Celestia

Celestia is a simulation of space by Chris Laurel, who is constantly using another programmer. In addition to the actual software AddOns are offered, which add more stars with their planet to choose from. The software is in spite of the high costs of freeware and provides a comprehensive overview of 100,000 objects in the universe.

Description of the version: Celestia

Celestia is the latest software, with which you can explore the solar system from the computer! You may, as it has to offer no other program, withdraw from the Earth, travel through the entire universe - there are over 100,000 stars in over 10,000 galaxies. And if the countless star, galaxies, planets, moons, asteroids, comets and space ships are friends not enough, get easy free extensions from the Internet.

The features of Celestia at a glance

• Embark on the journey in the universe.
• Discover countless stars and solar systems.
• Download additional features from the Internet.

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