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The CdCoverCreator is a program for creating covers for CDs or DVDs.



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With the Porta, you can assemble the matching covers for your CDs and print installment. In addition, you have the ability to create also songbooks, to put them in the CD case with.

With the Porta, you can now also finally design the appropriate cover for your favorite CDs. The compilation of the best songs on a CD, or a combination of exciting radio drama has long been routine, but now, it was not always on the covers which adorn the covers of CDs and make it easier also for on the shelf. The CdCoverCreator is a program that searches after entering search words in a large database for the appropriate cover. There, you get both the front and the back cover of the originals and can print out then this friends. A special extra is the feature that makes possible not only searching the covers, but also for song lyrics. So you can imagine together at the same time a Songbook for your CDs with the Porta. The available formats are also of advantage. You can, for example, choose between smart or jewel case.

You will find not the suitable cover or table of contents to a CD once you have also the possibility to insert something by hand with the Porta. If your cover is finished, you can print it out. The expression is automatically provided by the Porta with cut lines. You then just cut out the cover and clasp it can insert it directly into the envelope. So, you're quickly and safely for a neat cover for your CDs. The program has a file size 2.7 MB and is applicable for the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. The program language is German.

Description of the version: CdCoverCreator

The Porta offers various features to create covers, inlays, and labels for CDs and DVDs. Through the integrated search you may search in databases after the cover sheets of various albums and download them in the CoverCreator. Integrated lyrics browser, you can search for lyrics and create a Songbook. If you want a different cover for your CDs, you can select a base from the various templates and then add a table of contents to it.

Cover design with the Porta

• Wizard to design your own cover
• Match & merge for putting together your own table of contents
• Connection to the database for the search for Originalcovern
• Creation of labels possible

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