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Cdburner XP is the perfect burning program for Windows calculator with many different functions.



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Cdburner XP can be used BB´s and DVD BB´s to create and burn CD as well but to create and burn BlueRays and HD-DVD BB´s. It is to use a variety of possible CD and DVD formats. These include CD-R/CD-RW / DVD + R / DVD-R / DVD + RW / DVD-RW/DVD-RAM/BD/HD-DVD. As well, media can be used for the cdburner XP double layer. To simplify the burning process and the time after that, there is an independent and automatic review of the written data after burning process. The burn itself is at the cdburner XP with an on-the-fly-protection or a buffer-underrun protection possible.

The creation of the template of the burning and burning an audio CD are very simple and can be learned quickly with cdburner XP. The control can be almost completely intuitive. To create a list of tracks to burn, you can simply from existing audio-CD add BB´s to the list. This special feature is that the title previously not to be extracted, but that simply CDA files can be added to. CDburner XP, it is possible to create CD BB´s in various formats. These include especially the popular MP3 CD BB´s, because here you can put more songs on a CD. It is also possible to create by wav - ogg - flac -, and wma - format. To be powered during the burning template creation and during the burn process with your favourite music, it is possible to play each track using the built-in audio player. Cdburner XP, it is also possible to create, so to create a disc-at-once an audio CD completely seamlessly.

In order to be able to use the cdburner XP, here is a free download for you available. Cdburner XP online updates are also possible after downloading.

Possibilities of cdburner XP at a glance:

• Burn your favorite link music and your favorite movies
• Be able to create memories to Photo-CD BB´s and Photo-DVD BB´s
• Multilingual user interface
• Design a cover for your CD BB´s and DVD BB´s
• Copy data to your computer
• Burn at once to have BB´s to more music MP-3 CD

Other features of cdburner XP

Other features include that it is also possible to make complete copies of data carriers. It should be noted that the copy protection is not bypassed however. Also, collections can be made at cdburner XP drive and media information. It is also possible to create your own ISO files, and then burn them. ISO files can be stored as a CD or DVD and cdburner XP convert BIN - and NRG files to ISO files. To improve the access to your burner, is the possibility to manage restricted user access.

Description of the version: CDBurnerXP

The current version of CDBurnerXP has an advanced disc function splitting and offers you a better way to use the file filter. With this filter, you can add now certain file types on the list or exclude. The current ask toolbar was replaced by open candy, which offer you a greater selection of toolbars. You must choose to actively this to install, so that no unwanted software is automatically installed on your system.

New features of CDBurnerXP 4.3.7 version

• Open candy instead of ask toolbar
• large selection of tool bars
• Toolbars must be enabled to install (opt-in procedure)
• almost unchanged size of the installation files
• Advanced disc splitting function
• improved file filter

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