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Four templates for marking CD labels for Word are the basis of the downloads.



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CD-Etiketten für Word

Microsoft provides a program with which to do CD labels for Word is available. It provides four templates and allows simple labeling, design and printing of labels sheets.

All users, the piles of CDs and DVDs are increasing in height, are filling the shelves. Also you will probably often have decided finally to bring order to the chaos: with a good, clear-to-read lettering on itself to printing labels. Keep not only for your intention, you can access the download of CD labels for Word. It is a freeware CD and DVD tools by Microsoft and available in 2005. To fit the prerequisites for the OS Win 98
Win 2000 win me win XP. The program CD labels for Word takes away not much room on the computer, only 341 kilobytes are used. It is easy to use and straightforward in his features.

The German formulated program CD labels for Word has four templates for Avery - Zweckform - sheets of paper in the offer, which then ensure that you have more overview in the CD Cabinet. You can both the CD label, as also the case, what can cause that the two remain together. The quick overview can be even easier with the use of different colors. You should not always look, because guess what in the case. This can lead to exciting but sometimes surprises, but more regulation by a new outfit of the CDs is just more fun. The graphics on the prompt to download proposes to decorate love songs, for example, with hearts. You will find also other possibilities, if you're not quite so romantic on it. Seen so overall is a successful program.

Description of the version: CD-Etiketten für Word

The freeware Microsoft CD labels for Word provides four templates for Avery Zweckform - paper sheets with which you can label CDs, as well as its hull. It is the first version. The program provides a basis for more regulations for the registration of CDs, so that one finds the files contained therein as faster and helps also to the aesthetic design of the labels, but also additional Ornungsmerkmale can be inserted by using the graphical design. The Microsoft program is made.

Additional information for the interested

• Free download
• Operating system: Win 98 win 2000 win me win XP
• CD and DVD tools
• Apply on Avery sheets of paper
• Author: Microsoft

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