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CD-brake is a perfect software for DVD fans, especially for "Living machines".



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More and more is the PC or laptop used also for movie watching or as a DVD player. The fairly high volume of CD-ROM drive can interfere with this ever. The solution to this problem is the CD-brake.

During the playback of DVDs and CDs with the CD drive of your laptop or notebook, it comes to very high speeds. Similarly high speeds could be achieved previously only on computers with similar large hard drives. Now you play CDs on a device with a smaller hard drive, it comes to a big noise from your CD drive. With CD-brake software you can reduce the speed so far, that the CD drive of your computer running almost completely silent.

First you select the desired CD-ROM drive once. Either the internal or if it exists also as an external drive. You can choose between following settings: CD speed, DVD speed, stand-by timer and idle-timer. The two different speeds for CDs or DVDs can still individually be established. In addition to standby and idle timer, you have the possibility to set a general timer. There is the possibility of letting you monitor your separate media change by the CD-brake. Ultimately, you're still the choice between three other options. Set manually, whether CD-brake together with Windows will start and immediately available, or whether CD-brake while starts with Windows, but only a terminated is available. The third variant is that the program is started directly from you.

Order your DVDs and CDs in the future without enjoy annoying background noise, you just click on our download button. Already have your free CD brake application and can start the next movie night.

Description of the version: CD-Bremse

The current CD brake application offers lots of new features and improvements. Once you can use it free of charge. And the relatively small program takes no unnecessary space on your hard disk. The operation of the software is very easy and can be individually adapted to any medium that is to be played. The current version of the CD-brake software runs properly on almost all computers, regardless of the manufacturer's brand and the operating system used by you.

The most important innovations of the CD-brake software

• Free use of the software
• Ease of use of the program
• Compatibility with computers is manufacturer-independent
• Reduce the volume of the CD drive to a minimum

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