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  • Windows 4.13 | 4.11 | 4.10 | 4.08 | 4.07 | 4.0.5
  • MAC 1.07

The CCleaner protects your privacy and your computer free of unnecessary garbage.



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 28.04.2014


The cleaning program CCleaner removes reliably unwanted data from your computer.

You can even adjust to tune the program mainly to find what problems, which enables you, use your cleaning program to your needs. The CCleaner is user friendly and easy to understand. If you still have problems with the application or installation, you can find answers on the Internet on many Web pages on your questions. In addition, there are forums, where other users will give you useful tips to help you with your problems.

Currently, the CCleaner supports the cleaning of Windows operating systems. No version is available for Mac or Linux. However, numerous versions of Windows with the CCleaner are compatible, so that you're getting your computer soon also by entries in the browser and other garbage. Another advantage of the program is the fact that it is freeware, you can download so for free.

The CCleaner removes data remnants could not fully be deleted when uninstalling other programs and incorrect entries in the registry database. The CCleaner removes data, which are located in the temporary folder over a longer period, without leaving any residue. Cookies that you still want to keep are excluded from this process. This you can determine and adjust accordingly. Garbage is produced not only in normal operations. Then, much of it accumulates the when you surf on the Internet. With the CCleaner succeeds however, there again to cover your tracks, because also the URL history will be deleted in addition to the cookies through the CCleaner by cleaning with this program.

Learn more about the CCleaner:

• The CCleaner can be with different browsers (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer).
• In addition to the data cleaning takes over the CCleaner also optimization tasks.
• The CCleaner uninstall programs faster than is possible with the Windows application.
Have you not uninstall • prior to upgrading the old version.
• The CCleaner protects your privacy while surfing.
• The CCleaner is currently considered number 1 among the cleaning programs.

Where does the CCleaner?

The CCleaner (full name crap cleaner) is a product of Piriform, a privately operated English software manufacturer. Aim of the company is software to programming that is specially equipped for exactly on the tasks, which should run later. The software of the company and - hence the CCleaner - is translated into over 35 languages. In addition to the programmers work including translator for the company.

Description of the version: CCleaner

Many small bugs were fixed and integrated into the new version.

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