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In Cave Story, you can save small creatures before an evil power and be the hero.



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Cave Story

Cave Story is an adventure game in which you must save the Mimigas, little adorable figures before a bad doctor and from the island. These are different weapons at your disposal, you can collect on the road.

In Cave Story you quote, wake up one day in a cave, and can remember nothing more. Then you go off and find a village, in which strange creatures reside. They imagine themselves as Mimigas and tell you that a doctor be suppressed and threatened. Worse still is that misery, the witch, and Balrog, her bag, the doctor help in suppressing the Mimigas. The Mimiga sue the two seeking to kidnap her, but they are making a mistake and capture a different Mimiga. This is your chance. As a ratio, you can save Sue from the evil figures and with her escape from the cave and the island. As soon as you yourself as a Savior on the way, you will find many helpful items and weapons, with which you can fight your opponents and help the small Mimigas. The world in which you can move, is getting bigger.

Cave Story is really exciting and easy to learn. With the arrow keys and the Z and X keys you can move in different directions, to get ahead quickly and you can change the weapons you already found, use the A and S keys. It indicates three possible versions, how the story might end, so strict you the Mimigas and especially sue to save and to get rid of the evil doctor.

Cave Story is published for the first time in 2004, and was developed over five years to perfect it. It comes from Japan and then translated into English. The game is easy to understand and easy to play but even without knowledge of English. It appears as a freeware and has a 2D graphic.

Description of the version: Cave Story

The current version of the adventure game Cave Story was further improved in their appearance and their functions. Beautiful colours and a loving the small Mimigas, hero rate and all other actors to make the game an experience for young and old. The scope of the programme is now so large that it can easily keep up with commercial products for a freeware. Also a 3D version is planned for the future, which will make this game an ultimate experience.

The current version of the adventure game Cave Story:

• Improved appearance in all areas
• Revision of the figures
• Availability as WiiWare for all users of the Wii
• New Mac download for Mac users

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