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Cascade DTP is a simpler and more efficient editor for designing Web sites with CSS.



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Cascade DTP

Download and installation of Cascade DTP are made quickly and easily. The program starts with a blank window, which you can then start your new project. First step is the page setup. With this you specify in pixels, and optionally the height and the width of the Web page the top and the left side. You can also specify a title, as well as the path to the server. Via the menu item background you can then determine whether a graphic should be in the background of the Web page, and which background colour should have the page.

After these first steps, you can already start with the other layout and should first create a text box and an image box. Here you put the size of the box set, as well as the position with Cascade DTP. These you can within the Web page this free set and easily move the boxes with the mouse. The difference between a text and an image box is featured here on a small square in the upper-left corner of the box. A text box in Cascade DTP has a blue square as in a red and an image box. Thus you know on complex pages immediately, whether you work in Cascade DTP with a text or image box. The text entered then practice the text editor of Cascade DTP. In this typing the text you want to appear in a text box, and assign to him accordingly. You change the size of the text on the properties of the text box and not with the text editor in Cascade DTP.

Other points that you can set for the design of the Web page with Cascade DTP, are scrollbars and the appearance of hyperlinks. All settings get you immediately Cascade DTP, but also about the preview your Web page in the browser open you can and see immediately how is the result of your work. But just try it, and download Cascade DTP to download from our site.

Features of Cascade DTP:

• Editor to the design of Web pages
• Creates Web pages using CSS
• Proper integration into HTML
• Easy to use and focuses on the essentials
• Free freeware
• Requires Win98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/Vista

Background information on Cascade DTP

Cascade DTP is designed to give even beginners the opportunity to design a Web page using CSS correctly and to develop. The focus was clear on the functionality and less on gimmicks or a playful frontend with many unnecessary features. This claim fully meets the product and offers all possibilities to create simple Web pages.

Description of the version: Cascade DTP

With Cascade DTP in the new version, you're creating Web pages even better grip. The revised Editor allows you to design Web pages using CSS - cascading style sheets. You specify the position of the text, images, and menu of the Web page to be created with Cascade DTP and can look at the result in the browser preview. In this connection the revised program is much on functionality rather than appearance and great gimmicks.

Features of Cascade DTP version 4.0.29

• improved Editor
• works with CSS
• binds a rule-compliant HTML and CSS
• Set positions of the individual items
• Preview in browser

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