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With the intuitive Web cartoon maker v6. 01 let make the funniest cartoons.



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Cartoon Maker

To use the cartoon maker v6. 01 to create the caricatures to be expected, you need to select only images from one of your digital photo albums. They must then function provided for this purpose (open a new picture) the cartoon maker v6. 01 be made accessible. Then can go too!

The developers of the Chinese company Lingzhu software have the cartoon maker v6. 01 so designed, that it is very good intuitive to use. Simply select one of the tools (E.g., distort, twist, or sketch) and the photo - at best a portrait - such a way, that the distinctive characteristics are highlighted. So for example a big nose to make even bigger - or lips thicker, etc - just everything that makes fun. You can use the cartoon maker v6. 01 also parts of the face or the face twist (twist). With this tool, it is also possible to blur parts of an image or smudging (such as with the finger on a painted image). So, you can extend it by "pulling" or another way to enlarge. With the distort function of cartoon maker v6. 01 you can enlarge parts of the image or zoom out. Here you can set whether the change should occur in spherical, horizontally or vertically.

If you now after much trial and error, much laughter and fun with the cartoon maker v6. 01 finally came, the image can be simply no longer funny, possibility even useful, to make the whole thing look like a winning image. To do this, you use the sketch tool of cartoon maker v6. 01. Here is for you the selection between ink drawing and drawing, as for all other functions in the cartoon maker v6. 01 is also combining possible. To which there helpfully a button, to select an eraser, and one to brighten up the whole picture.

Of course, you can adjust the size of the target circle, which is moved with the mouse, with the cartoon maker v6. 01 to work precisely. The same applies to the intensity of any tool in the cartoon maker v6. 01. Mandatory for the cartoon maker v6. 01 are also the permanent ways to cut out a part of the image, the image to zoom in or to zoom out, a reset of the work steps or all and to print out the entire work of art.

• Create funny caricatures.
• Have fun with friends and family.
• Change photos in creative ways.
• Go directly through ease of use.
• Transform the photos into a drawing.
• The imagination free rein.

With cartoon maker v6. 01 you can create great avatar images, or perhaps create the background for a themed party invitation - just the imagination free rein. Have fun!

Description of the version: Cartoon Maker

The current version of the cartoon Maker can convince with some relevant and very useful new features and offers you the possibility to apply several effects to your photos to be processed. For chronological processing of photos to create a story in cartoon format, a categorization function supports you. You can directly make Umsortierungen now available in the preview and thus affect the sequence of the images.

The most important innovations in the current version of cartoon maker.

• Improved user interface for user comfort
• More powerful image resolution
• Categorization of photos for strukturisiertere overview
• Sorting of images in the preview

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