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Cartman's Authoritah offers entertaining fun for the boring phases on the computer.



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Cartman's Authoritah

"Cartman's Authoritah" is actually a classic jump and run action game for the PC in the style of the old S-Mario games. You control which made known the popular American cartoon series South Park characters Cartman, of "Cartman's Authoritah" got its name through a graphically very appealing digital landscape. Presentation and representation of "Cartman's Authoritah" are as in the series, and you hit on many of the daily occurring and also the rather rarely seen characters of the turbulent South Park on your way through the game, to reach your goal while you are looking for as possible to collect so many cheese crackers and to wreak as much havoc as necessary before finally the boss Mr. garrison can be combated.

In "Cartman's Authoritah", you control the movements of your small gripes from the beginning with the arrow keys of the keyboard. As a unique feature, this mini game but offers you the ability to customize the control with an own association to the personal game preferences. A wide arsenal of the various military branches available standing also in "Cartman's Authoritah". You're able to maintain the indispensable for such action games tools such as machine gun or rocket launcher in your inventory, and to use them against the enemies of the small main performer of "Cartman's Authoritah", for example, Kenny McKormick.

"Cartman's Authoritah" is a very small program. The minimum requirements for your system exhaust actually already in a functional, Windows calculator that should be equipped at least with DirectX 7. Otherwise, nothing in the way is you and your walk in the Park, and you are free, to subordinate themselves to "Cartman's Authoritah".

"Cartman's Authoritah" at a glance

• High gameplay
Graphic compelling •
• Very entertaining
• Rough language
• Explicit depiction of violence
• Small file size

The background to the game:

"Cartman's Authoritah" is a very pleasing entertainment game. The idea is of course to transfer made by the classics of the Guild known gameplay of the nineties in a modern environment. The humorous robe comes in the "Cartman's Authoritah", is timely and will help not only the fans of the television series to some fun moments. However, it should be clear that "Cartman's Authoritah" will at least put a smile on the lips the die-hard South Park expert after the final cutscene.

Description of the version: Cartman's Authoritah

You control Eric Cartman again knüppelst, shoot and fight freely the way you collect on the different levels cheesy Poofs. In the version 1.3C is a cheat-mode were unlocked now, to activate the cheats. Following combination pressures during the game: unlock at the same time the key of D and L, infinite ammo to get the key of G and D to the GODMODE.

Cartman's Authoritah offers many exciting features

• The cheat-mode is been unlocked.
• All weapons and infinite ammunition is now available with a keyboard shortcut.
• The Godmodus which makes you invulnerable, is now available with a keyboard shortcut.

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