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Carom3D is a compelling billiards game with highscore function for your computer.



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Carom3D is an innovative computer game that brings the fascinating billiard sport on the screen. Compete with players from around the world in an attempt to sink as many balls.

When would the many other varieties of billiards, pool and Carom are among your passions and you like to go to sport on your computer, you should see absolutely one play Carom3D. This is a full 3D billiard simulation, in which you can't take the virtual queue in the hand. Let you inspire from the detailed graphics, which supports very high resolutions and will satisfy owners of widescreen monitors.

So you will asked in a special way and motivated, Carom3D offers an innovative ranking, are published on the results of the many players. Compete with the services of the other players and try to crack the high score. Carom3D allows in addition to take part in these exciting races but also the customization of the game environment to suit your individual requirements. So, you can choose for example as regards the venue between four different virtual spaces. These rooms are all decorated in their own way and have a special atmosphere. Much love for detail proves the game even with the animation of the ball movements on the green cloth and the elaborate appearance of the queues and the game table made of wood.

The developers of Carom3D
The billiard software Carom3D is completely free for you. For this outstanding title, the developers by Neoact are responsible, a Korean team that continuously therefore strives to better convey the fascination of billiards on the screen.

Description of the version: Carom3D

The new Carom3D in version 5.16 is now a more convincing simulation of billiards sports. The graphical representation has been further improved and now boasts even sharper and more coherent textures. Now, even if you have a powerful computer system, you can exploit it with Carom3D. In addition, now also many exciting competitions are held where you may like to take part. Here, the winners can win even prizes.

Carom3D is now on a still more elaborate graphics.

• Sharper textures, which can deliver even more convincing the billiard experience
• Improvement of ball animations and the billiard rooms
• It carried out now exciting tournaments in large numbers

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