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No pleasure is to compare two directories on your own computer. If you want to match the data with a server directory, it will be even more demanding. Unless you're putting Capivara.

If you have ever worked with FTP programs, you know to appreciate their benefits. Information can be quite simple to download from your computer to the server and vice versa. Because server contain most of the time a very large amount of data, for example for complex Web pages, but also a lot of useless files can accumulate. Web pages are usually locally on the PC, and then to load the data on the FTP server. But how do you know whether your data and the data on the server actually match?

You easily solves this requirement with Capivara which takes exactly this problem. Born from the experience of programmers who were standing right in front of this challenge: How can I check if my records are synchronized? Capivara allows an exact comparison between two directories, and while it doesn't matter, where are the two directories to compare. The surface of Capivara is divided into a right and a left pane, so that file operations can be performed intuitively. Who are familiar with the Windows Explorer, cope easily with Capivara. The program compares selected file attributes such as timestamps or SHA-1 hashes, and in a preview shows how the synchronization would look like. You can then make further changes or start the process.

Capivara is available as freeware for Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS X and requires Java runtime environment. The program has an English version and an open source license.

Description of the version: Capivara

Capivara offers the usual friends in the current version, to compare directories. The open source program is running thanks to the Java runtime environment, both under Windows and Linux and now also under Mac OS X. The structure is similar to the Windows Explorer, with you on the split screen left and right to see the directories compared. In addition to the German and the English version, now also a Dutch version is available.

Features in the current release of Capivara

• Available on Mac OS X for Intel
• Dutch interface available
• Comparing directories on servers
• For Windows XP
• Freeware under open source license

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