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Keep it small and simple - this principle in Canabalt portable successfully implemented.



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Canabalt Portable

Graphically and by the idea of playing Canabalt portable like a jump seems ´ n run game from the 1980's years, but the addiction potential is enormous. Controlled by only one button, you're trying as a player to control your character through a course on roofs and do not crash.

If you once started, you can hardly stop. Canabalt portable pulls you from the first moment in his spell, and the temptation to constantly improve your high score, is pretty powerful. Canabalt is portable on all Windows operating systems since Windows 98 runs and as freeware available. There is only an English version, but even without language skills the purpose and operation of the game develop intuitive, and you can begin immediately high score hunting for your.

You've got portable in Canabalt for quick and easy installation a figure running across several rooftops. You have to jump over the gaps between the buildings thereby avoiding obstacles. The speed of Canabalt portable is it getting higher, you have but no way to affect the speed. Flocks of birds on the roofs, which are startled by your run, worsen the recognisability of the obstacles, and any failure will automatically at the end of the game. The high score is measured in meters that you successfully put back your figure.

The control is extremely easy, because you need only to jump, and there enough hitting the "X"- or "C" button. Sounds simple, but is a real workout for your reaction ability and hand-eye coordination. The longer you press the button there, the higher and further your character jumps. But beware - the next abyss or the next obstacle lurking already and can finish the game faster than you thought.

Description of the version: Canabalt Portable

Canabalt portable can be controlled with a single button and combines a simple gameplay with a great fun. You control a character who runs over rooftops and must overcome these obstacles and canyons between the houses. A button is enough to jump, and you need not do more. The speed of the game is getting higher, and when you jump in a timely manner, the game is faster to end than you would like. So on to the next attempt to cover a long distance as possible.

Features of Canabalt portable in the current version

• Jump ´ n run game
• Can be operated with just one button
• For all versions of Windows since Windows 98
• Freeware
• Only 5 MB large program

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