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With Camtasia Studio, you can record screen content and edit further.



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Camtasia Studio

If you want to take actions on your computer screen as video and then edit, Camtasia Studio is the right software for you. You can use the commercial software to create professional videos and presentations of software programs in the private as well as in the commercial sector. You can create Studio super easy also software learning videos or other training videos with Camtasia.

If you've taken the video, Studio are using Camtasia a variety of editing functions available: you can for example with subtitles provided the video, set it, integrate images, insert speech bubbles or note notes. You can just export the final video, and save for your website such as a Flash movie or AVI file. You can create videos in HD quality and then present them an audience of millions by Studio out uploading them directly from Camtasia on YouTube. Camtasia Studio also supports many different file formats: CAMREC, MPEG, WMV, WAV, WMA and MP3. Another interesting feature of Camtasia Studio is "Picture-in-Picture". Thus, you can include an additional, smaller video in a home video.

Is a library, where you can save title clips, callouts, or whole sequences of video in Camtasia Studio. So can you use again later and thus have the advantage of shorter processing times and a consistent design. The copy and paste is using Camtasia Studio quite simply: so you can copy such as zooms, transitions, or other effects super easy at a different point in the timeline or save in the library for later use.

Camtasia Studio - the most important functions at a glance

• Record screen content
• numerous editing functions
• Library
• direct upload to YouTube possible
• Videos in HD quality
• Picture-in-picture function

Camtasia Studio - background and facts

The first version of the software was introduced in 1999 by the company of TechSmith, and constantly evolving. Camtasia Studio is since May 2010 available on the market. The new version contains a number of new features and has been completely redesigned. A trial version of Camtasia you can download Studio for example on the website of the manufacturer. This trial version has full functionality of the full version, the use is limited however limited in duration to 30 days.

Description of the version: Camtasia Studio

The latest version of Camtasia Studio offers some innovations. The optimized library function allows a more effective editing of your video recordings. The improved screen recorder helps you the smoothing of Flash images and 3D animations, as well as for rapid moves in the videos. The now visible keyboard commands are especially important for viewers of a recording statements are better understood. You can also upload your videos directly from the software on YouTube.

The main new features of Camtasia Studio:

• editable Courser effects
• improved callout and support transparency in images
• more precise control of the volume function
• Visibility of keyboard commands
• improved SmartFocus
• optimized screen recorder

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