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The CamStudio portable allows you to record videos of your computer screen.



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CamStudio Portable

You want to be able to show a particularly successful scene from a game? Explain the function of a program a friend? With the CamStudio portable, you can create video files from your screen and edit them.

To tell your friends a success from a computer game, you have to use portable just the CamStudio to record the screen during your game. Also other portable use the function of a program to explain you can CamStudio. Portable while only snapshots available on a screen shot, you can create a video with CamStudio, on which the mouse movements and menu guides can be transmitted exactly. You can easily add text boxes, which contain additional declarations.

With CamStudio you'll portable gaming to the Director of your own YouTube videos, if you want to create new stories from different game sequences. You can choose the screen images. It is always possible to place the control window by CamStudio portable in the visible range and still capture a video sequence, which does not include this control window. The recorded sequence is stored as ­AVI or SWF and can be viewed via the supplied player immediately. The operation of the program is very simple. The buttons can be explained intuitively. After a few attempts, you can start by Director as a desktop. Of course, also a subsequent editing of the videos is possible. You can create elaborate and spectacular works of art with different tools and effects. But also you can make clearer and easier a factual statement with simple tools, as this may be possible in a live demonstration.

Description of the version: CamStudio Portable

Through the new features in CamStudio you can turn more easily a video portable from your screen. Select the framing freely and show for example a friend how a program works. Also the subsequent insertion of text boxes or video effects is now even easier to reach. You can see all what's new when you look at the lossless codec of the original version on the manufacturer's website. Download of this codec is not necessary for the function of the program.

Improved functionality of the CamStudio portable

• Freely selectable frame
• Simple records of movements on the screen
• Gently insert text boxes in the video
• Subsequent enhancement and optical Aufwerung with filters and effects

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