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Camfrog video chat is a video chat program, with which you can chat with multiple partners.



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Camfrog Video Chat

This program cam frog video chat is intended for people who are staying much in live stream video chat rooms and not limit themselves to only with a partner to chat. This is Camfrog video chat beyond the most routers and firewalls. If you have a broadband Internet connection, Camfrog video chat is the ideal chat program for you and your friends, because it is optimized for broadband. Therefore, this chat program offers you a very good picture and sound quality in the transmission.

With Camfrog video chat you can communicate not only with your friends, but you can even see it here. Integrated into the program, a Live Photo webcam is navigation. From the preview images you can choose a chat partner in Camfrog video chat, which tells you to. Camfrog video chat has a further advantage compared to other chat programs. You can create an own chat room and invite chat partner to you. The use of various chat rooms is restricted by Camfrog video chat. There are chat rooms, you may only enter if you are over 18 years old. It is also possible to use a so-called "family filter". Thus you can set up specific profiles and permissions, if the chat program to be used not only by you alone.

Camfrog video chat is you as freeware for free download available. The program is available in a German version. It belongs to the genre of "Messenger and Voice over IP". Camfrog video chat provides a range of emoticons available, with which you can spice your messages a little. Meanwhile, there is a beta version of Camfrog video chat, which is also suitable for mobile devices. If you so have an Internet-enabled phone, you can download Camfrog video chat anywhere are looking for your favorite chat rooms and communicate with your friends.

Helpful hints from Camfrog video chat

• free of charge
• German full version
• with cam can be used
• multiple chat partner possible
• Download size 11.09 MB
• Version for mobile devices

What requirements does your PC?

System requirements and download of Camfrog video chat is available as a free freeware in English to download. The program is designed for Windows XP operating systems. Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 server, Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows 7. In addition to pure text messages, also a video chat using a webcam is possible at any time.

Description of the version: Camfrog Video Chat

The Camfrog video chat offers a modern version of the classic chat rooms. Each chat with your friends or colleagues is now an automatic video transfer enriched with: as you can see in real time, with whom you think you are under. To different video chat rooms available in which you can login after creating a free account with the mouse are friends - video chat can not be easier.

The new Camfrog video chat at a glance:

• Automatic video transmissions in real-time
• Fast and free create of your user account
• Enter in different chat rooms with a mouse click
Eye see your chat partner •

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