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Camera raw offers all possibilities to take professional pictures from raw data material.



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Camera Raw

Camera raw is a plug-in for the popular image editing program Adobe Photoshop, and now for the first time allows the use of raw data material directly from your digital camera without conversion.

Who has worked with the various versions of Adobe Photoshop, will navigate quickly in the menu of the extension of camera raw. With just a few mouse clicks, you can download data from your digital camera directly to the PC and even raw material processing. Without conversion of the image format will save you time and can work creatively on the refinement of the photo negative.

The program software is easy to install and use easily. The menu items are clearly arranged and friends to provide various means of work - 'Tools' - for your individual work. Awkward mouse clicks and long load times belong to camera raw in the past. With a high performance capacity, even large image files can be loaded and edited in a few seconds. The tools are very diverse and set no limits to your work. Simple retouching is possible, but also elaborate steps can be easily accomplished with camera raw. The program has a very wide range of color, which is infinitely adjustable, as well as the sharpness of the contrast. With a few simple steps, you wand professional-looking work or surreal artworks from your snapshots.

You need for the unrestricted use of one of the Adobe Photoshop versions 2, 3 or higher. The PC operating systems Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista or Windows 7 are recommended. Also, your monitor should have a resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended by the developer, so that you the graphics can leverage that.

Description of the version: Camera Raw

The currently available version camera raw 6.3 through innovative new features from its predecessors stands out. Can be processed data of the latest digital cameras of from different manufacturers, without requiring you to install additional programs. The 6.3 version allows you a faster processing of large volumes of files for optimal image quality through the expanded capacity. Moreover, also 13 new lens profiles can be used in addition to other tools, guarantee precise work and a professional result.

The new features of camera raw 6.3 at a glance

• Supports all digital file formats
• Compatible with over 19 different manufacturers of digital cameras
• 13 new lens profiles for optimum image quality
• Enhanced capacity
• Optimized tool control at the edge of the page

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