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Calme 2010 offers you the possibility to make creative calendar in pretty designs.



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Calme 2010

That you can be creative on the computer is no longer a secret. If you want to be like a little design work and want to create a personal calendar, Calme 2010 is the right tool. You get an editor that provides you month leaves and different agenda inserts available with Calme 2010.

Here you can choose between two different types of calendars at Calme 2010. As a personal gift, the classic year calendar with each month leaves is sure. Calme 2010 but also supports the creation of monthly surveys for universal planners also like to be used by many people. Here you can find 2010 different theme designs that you can choose from for both variants in calm. If Calme 2010 integrated subject groups of fruits, flowers or food not sufficient for you, you can download more free themes on the manufacturer's website. Of course you can paste with Calme 2010 your own graphic designs or photos in the month pages. Calme 2010 has a built-in color scheme and allows control of the used framework. You can affect the font used and the number of columns in the agenda sheets as well as the arrangement of the individual calendar elements. This calm offers a user-friendly interface and many successful programmed functions 2010.

If you want to try this creative design program Calme 2010, you're away just a click away. The download button, you can start immediately with the download. The download file of this free calendar design program is only 2.1 megabytes and will not strain your system resources.

Design possibilities with Calme 2010

• Two different types of calendars
• Monthly sheets and agenda deposits available
• Integrated three thematic subject groups
• More focus groups free on the manufacturer's website
• Color scheme, font style, and framework freely selectable
• Your own calendar layout

System requirements and download

Calme 2010 is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista. In addition, the program is compatible with Windows 7. In addition, you will need the Java runtime engine in the version 1.4.2 or higher, so that the program can be installed properly and working. The software is free and is available for download. System resources are not claimed because the 2.1 megabytes large download file requires little storage capacity.

Description of the version: Calme 2010

With the software of calm can you you your very own calendar design. You can choose between monthly overviews or annual summaries for a bag or a wall calendar. For the latter, you can insert your own photos in the 12 month leaves or you use the various templates of the programme. Here, the creation of many different paper formats is possible you. The application offers holidays and holiday dates for insertion and can create calendar in many languages.

The functions of Calme 2010 at a glance:

• Individual design by free choice of images, colors, fonts and table layout
• Holidays and holidays to insert
• Many different paper formats
• Many languages for the creation of the calendar

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