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CallingID Link Advisor shows you is before every click on a link, which risk.



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CallingID Link Advisor

CallingID Link Advisor is a useful helper relating to security of your PC. Of course, every user of the Internet know how dangerous it is to follow unknown links. The implementation fails check the linked pages but in practice mostly on the fussiness. CallingID Link Advisor is that changes now. You need to place only the mouse pointer over the link in question and already the CallingID Link Advisor shows is you is what side of this link, who is the owner and whether you could get problems if you follow him. It certainly couldn't be easier.

While the CallingID Link Advisor limited is not only to links within Web pages. Otherwise it would pass in the reality of the Internet. Because increasingly dangerous links via E-Mail and Messenger will be sent. And often there also all caution do not use friends that understand the senders of these messages to disguise themselves as your friend. CallingID Link Advisor offers you is but a real, easy, and free protection in terms of network security. So what are you waiting for? Install the CallingID Link Advisor is on your PC and explore the endless expanses of the Internet risk-free!

CallingID Link Advisor is of the manufacturer of CallingID works with the operating systems Windows Windows/Vista/XP and supports the Web browsers: chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, AOL and avant, the email clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Eudora and Windows mail, Instant Messenger: Yahoo!, ICQ, Google talk and AIM and also word processing of Word of MS Office. The language of CallingID Link Advisor is English, size 4.37 MB. Its current version is CallingID Link Advisor is

So, the CallingID Link Advisor is marked the different risk levels:

• Red - high risk
• It is to pass dangerous, private or secret information on this page because it could be abused by fraudsters.
• Yellow - low risk
• The owner will not clearly verify themselves.
• Green - sure
• The owner of this page is clearly considered safe.

How to recognize the CallingID Link Advisor is, whether a link is dangerous?

The methods whereby fraudsters on the Internet work, repeat themselves and are recognizable. Masking the identity of the owner of a page, using so-called pirates server belongs to them or known phishing sites. For comparison, CallingID Link Advisor is has a database of over 3 million Web pages, which is daily updated and extended to thousands of pages.

Description of the version: CallingID Link Advisor

The current version by CallingID Link Advisor gives you support for new applications and even more security for your surfing behavior on the Web. In addition to the known browsers, the new version supports Google chrome and avant browser and Instant Messenger, various new email programs. About the traffic light principle you get displayed in a simple way, whether transmitted securely links (green) or unsure (red).

Features of the current version of from CallingID Link Advisor

• Supports Google chrome and avant browser
• Security for now a total of 6 email programs
• Link control in currently 4 instant messengers

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