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With calibre reads Edit you eBooks, manage your library and checking messages.



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Allow calibre to read eBooks, in addition, you can convert a variety of files in eBook-compatible formats. Also messages from the Internet can be processed by the software to enable a comfortable read.

Using the program calibre you can not just your eBooks and other documents easily read, also a wide range of file formats you can import and convert – are supported including HTML, PDF, TXT, CBC, and CHM. Also an export to many popular formats such as EPUB, MOBI, PDB is possible without any problems. Then, the files to portable reader and devices like the iPad can be redirected. Several options are open to you: so you can resize any characters, to improve the readability of text on the output device. Also automatic detection of tables of contents and other structures is possible with calibre.

The conversion can be performed with just a few mouse clicks, complicated settings are not required to do so. Envelope images the program on your wish can network to automatically search and download, the same applies to reviews, blurbs, or author information. Calibre supports also comics, in addition, the software allows access to more than 150 online news sites and feeds from all over the world, which Nachrichten can be easily obtained and read - you're on the move always on the recent State of affairs. With the built-in Web server you can access your eBook library - no matter where you are. Calibre since both smartphones and supports as well as external reader systems, you can read your favourite books everywhere. Categorization capabilities you'll find eBook also then quickly the desired if your collection is particularly extensive.

Description of the version: Calibre

Calibre offers many improvements and new features in the current version of 0.7.54: HTMLZ is added as output format that combines HTML pages with all related graphics and style sheets in a ZIP file. Now, the Motorola Atrix Smartphone is supported by the software. Also some new news sources are now, the support for existing news pages has been revised. Several bugs have been fixed, problems with memory or sudden system crashes a thing of the past.

Calibre 0.7.54 offers you these innovations

• New output format HTMLZ
• Support of the Motorola Atrix Smartphone
• Support new news sites
• Revised support of multiple existing news sites
• Fixed bugs and software errors
• Programme is now stable

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