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BVS solitaire collection is the largest collection of solitaire games on the market.



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BVS Solitaire Collection

If you belong to the card game addicts, who can not get enough of Solitaire, then should you download necessarily BVS solitaire collection. You must never play the boring standard Solitaire that you've started over and over again on your operating system. Klondike belongs to BVS solitaire collection of the past. The selection of possible Solitaire play will amaze you. BVS solitaire collection is a huge collection of solitaire games for your computer, no matter whether on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista or Windows 7: BVS solitaire collection is compatible with really all Windows operating systems.

BVS solitaire collection gives you the incredible number of 435 different solitaire games. You're going to miss any of your favorite Solitaire variations. These include also Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, pyramid, Klondike, Scorpion, Russian Solitaire, SeaHaven Towers, Yukon and many more. The diversity in BVS solitaire collection will overwhelm you. It even 99 original solitaires are included, which can be found in any other collection. Otherwise, nobody has a greater collection on offer for you. You can change the rule of all solitaire games of the package according to your own ideas or download your own graphics for the screen background and even the back of the cards in the game.

4 Billion possible starting positions arise in BVS solitaire collection for each game. 1.74 Trillion possible items in the collection are in the sum. So the fun is likely not more so quickly go out with BVS solitaire collection you. And if you are no longer are coming, that will show you "you are stuck" function in BVS solitaire collection specifies whether even more moves are possible.

Other features of BVS solitaire collection:

• Auto-save on exit
• Publish its own statistics on the website
• Customizable application bar
• Introduction to every solitaire game
• Sound support
• Show all possible next moves

The developers of BVS solitaire collection

BVS solitaire collection is developed by the American company BVS Development Corporation and distributed. The company specializes in addition to BVS Development Corporation also the programming of video poker games. Test versions of the games can be downloaded from the website. If you want to buy then as BVS Development Corporation, you can purchase the license directly online and get started immediately with the full version.

Description of the version: BVS Solitaire Collection

The new version of BVS solitaire collection offers you a computer version of the classic of card game now available for Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can try also 5 new card games. In addition, there are newly designed images on the back of the card, including paintings by Van Gogh and new backgrounds for the card game. The tool bar has received a new, streamlined style.

The renewals of BVS solitaire collection 7.0 overview

• 5 new card games
• Many new designs the back E.g. with paintings by Van Gogh
• New game wallpapers
• Compatible with Windows 7 and Vista
• New style of toolbar

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