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The BuyerTools reminder is the perfect tool for forgetful bargain hunters.



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BuyerTools Reminder

The free tool BuyerTools reminder is perfect for anyone who likes to miss the end of an eBay auction. Hereby you can send you a reminder straight to your mobile phone and even automatically provide.

The freeware BuyerTools reminder Metaspinner media is the perfect tool for all forgetful eBay fans. You may have observed auctions off copy "My eBay" directly in the BuyerTools reminder or automatically read even your account. The BuyerTools reminder sends a SMS to your mobile phone just before end of auction. So you're always in time to get enough time to back up the charge on your computer. Of course you can see the memory directly on your computer, if you just work.

You're often not in the right situation, to respond to an approaching end of auction? No problem. You can set the the BuyerTools reminder so that he submits a bid set by you five seconds before the end. So, hardly a competitor can outbid you even at the last second. Of course the BuyerTools reminder matches the own system time with the eBay time. You can miss so no surcharge, just because your watch is wrong.

To use the bids directly from the freeware out, you have to drop your log-in data in the main memory. Of course, an encrypted SSL connection available for this suits you. Another big advantage for security in the bid represents the review alert. The BuyerTools reminder can be set if required that he warns against negative reviews of the seller, once an auction is included in the watch list. So you can be safe at all times, only there to offer, where the seller is worthy of your trust.

Description of the version: BuyerTools Reminder

The latest version of BuyerTools reminder in addition to the well-known features also a statistic with which you can better manage your eBay auctions. The tool allows also for easy management of multiple user names and you divide the current auctions into meaningful groups. So you will never lose the bargains you're just following the overview. Of course as in every previous version again focus on the security of your data set.

The latest features of BuyerTools reminder

• Automatic setting of the highest bid shortly before end of auction
• Memory of expiring auctions on the mobile phone
• Encrypted data transmission
• Manage multiple user names
• Grouping of different auctions
• Bids directly from the program possible

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