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The BumpTop free allows an individual design of your workplace.



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BumpTop Free

The new BumpTop free is a virtual 3D-Schreibtisch, which is realistically modeled after the real. Files can be stacked or sort on the desk with him. The old desktop is obsolete.

The new BumpTop free gives you the ability to create your own desktop chaos friends. The 3D graphics gives you a realistic simulation of a virtual desktop, which corresponds to your own ideas. Here you can attach sticky notes, sort your files and place on the desk surface. Also you can choose the matching of the different graphics.

The 3D effect is based on DirectX and enables a detailed replica of a real desk. In reality, you can just crumple files that you no longer need, and throw away. This is also possible. She leave just on your desk, maybe you need them again. Or you want to get a picture on your desktop have? This is possible with the new BumpTop free. Place it in a location of your choice and enjoy it.

The new BumpTop free is free and installs itself fully automatically. It allows you a quick overview of all your files and an individual design. You can stack your data such as the sides of the paper on your BumpTop free or distribute them in a controlled chaos over the table. You're tied to the virtual 3D-Schreibtisch to any specifications, and almost limitless creativity. The menu is well-structured and is self-explanatory, so you need no long training period in order to navigate you to your new desk. Notes are always visible and always at hand, and also your files can be called simply by a click.

Description of the version: BumpTop Free

With the new BumpTop free you can create your own virtual desk. The 3D graphics can be thinking of a real table, and you have the possibility to create your own chaos. The files can be stacked or distribute controlled on the table. In addition, you can place important notes so that you always find these and never forgets. The 3D graphics is supported by DirectX and improved so the performance of the software. So you can get a simulation of a real desk.

Your new virtual desktop can do that

Stack all files •
• Make notes just pin on
• Individual design of own chaos
• Easily find files
• 3D graphics using DirectX
• Files can be crumpled and discarded

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