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BulletProof FTP Server 2010 - easy control of the own PC as an FTP server.



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BulletProof FTP Server 2010

With the BulletProof, you're doing a FTP server FTP Server 2010 from your own PC. With this program you can access other users to your server or refuse with BulletProof FTP Server 2010 you handle transfers or stop them. You can watch users and them - individually or multiple users at the same time - send messages. While the the BulletProof hit-O-meter shows the popularity of all files FTP Server 2010. The program has a timer you can use to activate the server at any time and to disable. So, BulletProof can restart FTP Server 2010 your computer or disconnect from the Internet, and reconnect.

With BulletProof, you are doing your own PC to the FTP server FTP Server 2010. So you can easily replace files with friends, also as inexperienced user you will with the program quickly can understand and use it routinely. Very user friendly are easy user management and intuitive handling of the BulletProof FTP Server 2010. Here, you'll quickly from the novice to the professional! Thanks to the large function spectrum of the BulletProof FTP Server 2010 is perfectly suited to the program even for experienced users.

BulletProof FTP Server 2010 has a wealth of features and numerous statistics options and differs from similar programs. BulletProof FTP Server 2010 has among other things a resume download function. This allows users to resume interrupted downloads, saving resources. Here to download the shareware version by BulletProof FTP Server 2010 and convince yourself of the benefits of this program! The installation of the program is very easy, with a single mouse click you are connected to the server. All other functions are intuitive. Should nonetheless questions about BulletProof 2010 and to operate come up FTP server, the manufacturer provides all relevant info on his homepage.

BulletProof FTP Server 2010 system requirements and functionality:

• Windows ® 7, Vista or XP recommended
• Microsoft ® ™ Internet Explorer 6.0.0 recommended
• Broadband Internet connection recommended
• Event Manager for external programs
• Comprehensive statistics and runtime activity
• NAT / firewall with PASV

What is an FTP server?

FTP server refers to programs that provide access for FTP clients. FTP server can be used for example as internal data distribution in companies, but also for private purposes.

Description of the version: BulletProof FTP Server 2010

The new version of BulletProof waiting FTP Server 2010 with some improvements and bug fixes. Deleting and copying are now no longer exclusively accessible by right click for you: A new delete and copy button you simplifies the handling of the new version. As well, a new arrangement of panels provides for more clarity and better handling of the program. In addition, the size of some of the panels and window has been optimized.

What's new in BulletProof FTP Server 2010?

A delete and copy button was integrated to simplify • in the control panel.
• Optimize the appearance of the user interface: new clarity for better handling
• Comprehensive statistics and runtime activity

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