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Train your logic skills with the game "Alphabet soup" and become the thinking athlete.



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The game of alphabet soup is a thinking game, in which it comes to bring the letters in the correct order, to make the words readable again. The difficulty level is influenced by the size of the playing field and the number of letters. On the outskirts, the letters stand in the row or column visible. Each letter may be assigned only once per row and column. The game is playable in three languages, in German, English and Russian. Alphabet soup including also called a spoonerism. It is not too difficult friends, to decipher the alphabet soup, if you have a logical mind. However, you can also train your logic skills with this game.

Colloquially a mess of letters is known as alphabet soup. The sense is usually difficult or even not at all visible. So a gibberish also occurs without that one has intended it. For example, a defective printer can fabricate such word salad or the viewing of digital texts in the wrong character set table. But in the cryptography the technical alphabet soup is used here but intends. While it is important in cryptography that the words are not without a code can be made readable.

Brain researchers have found that the human brain under certain conditions in the location is yet to be able to read the alphabet soup. So, for example, if the letter has not been changed or if in compound words, the individual words separately considered. In addition, it is also possible to read the alphabet soup, if you omit only the vowels. These research results are for the Cryptography of great importance. Using the brain research has found out now, how the alphabet soup in the Cryptography must be created so that the message is also securely encoded. It was found that the alphabet soup don't letters must be, but must be moved also with numbers.

Alphabet soup at a glance:

• Each letter may appear only once.
• Is each column and each line separately to solve.
• At the beginning is empty the game field.
• Specify the letters on the edge, which are visible.
• The size of the game field is optional.
• Promotes the logical mind.

System requirements for the game "Alphabet soup"

No special requirements are needed for the game "Alphabet soup".

Description of the version: Buchstabensalat

Teasers on the PC, bring your head to smoke: you get the latest version of alphabet soup. The software provides yet more complex and technological tasks where you can demonstrate your logical thinking. New: You can choose between three different languages. Also a detailed guide is now integrated: brain teaser is really fun.

The latest version of alphabet soup at a glance

• Now still more complex and refined teasers
• New: three different languages are selectable
• An integrated game guide tells you exactly what happened.
• Difficulty individually steigerbar for even more fun

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