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Brutal chess 0.52 Alpha is a freeware chess game for passionate chess purists.



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Brutal Chess 0.52 Alpha

If you name "brutal chess 0.52 alpha" reads, you ask yourself is perhaps, what's up with this unusual title. The developers on their homepage will give you the answer – inspiration for brutal chess 0.52 alpha was an incredibly funny and technically outstanding at that time chess implementation, which caused sensation in the 1980s on the Atari ST and the Commodore 64. The special thing about this game: The animated puppets hit literally each other the skull is on the chess board.

Despite the stated model, which is obviously still under development currently brutal chess 0.52 Alpha in the present version although no such funny violence that can but justifiably a solid chess game called. Brutal chess 0.52 Alpha completely in 3D, which means, your game characters consist of ellipses or polygons. Colour chess 0.52 Alpha is brutally simple: Classic chess according to the parties are held in black and white, the game board itself resembles a polished marble floor.

Since the chess rules actually no modifications allow you can choose for brutal chess 0.52 Alpha not between different game modes. The puppets in brutal chess 0.52 Alpha be used drag-and drop the desired fields, more control options do not exist simply. The game should have a multi-level "artificial intelligence" (AI), whose controlling is however unclear. In any case, the options menu that can be reached only via the escape key, allows just a little technical fine tuning. You can do your brutal play chess 0.52 Alpha in several different resolutions and optionally disable shadow and shine effects, if your system should have more under their belt already a couple of years. The "history"arrows represent a small relief of the game, which sichd previous play recap once again letting.

Brutal chess 0.52 Alpha in detail:

• 3D characters
• multi-tiered "KI"
• Drag-and-drop control
• Shadow and shine effects can be activated
• History-arrow function
• free of charge

Brutal chess 0.52 Alpha is freeware!
The present brutal chess 0.52 Alpha is a freeware game that you want to revisit the flair of animated chess games of the eighties and nineties. Pixel blood flows in the present version, but still none. If you're looking so for a chess game, which comes out without any frills or unnecessary gadgetry, a look at the brutal might be worth chess 0.52 Alpha for you.

Description of the version: Brutal Chess 0.52 Alpha

In the new version of brutal chess is a completely revised graphics, which guarantees you're going. Just like in the old version, you can either chess a game against your computer or a real opponent. The new version contains three different levels of play. You can set this either from easy to difficult. In the menu you will find new graphic effects, you can arbitrarily set.

What's new in version 0.52 by brutal chess

• Completely revised graphics
• Three different difficulty levels
• Many new graphical effects can be set in the menu
• Required operating system for this version: Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/XP

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