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Brutal chess is a realistic simulation of chess in a 3D animated environment.



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Brutal Chess

The open-source software brutal chess is a chess program for the PC. You measure yourself with different challenging computer opponents and can take even a game against a human opponent.

Brutal chess is, as the name implies, to chess. The software is a chess Simulator with which you can challenge different computer players. You choose the virtual opponents in between different strengths and thus practice your own chess abilities. Also, you can play against human opponents directly on your computer. The graphics of the chess game brutal chess is a 3D animated environment kept, so the figures in the game seem more realistic.

The game starts automatically when brutal chess. You can change some settings after the start, this works by pressing the escape key. You can make changes to the graphics of the game, and then start a new game. Also, you choose which color you want to go in the game. The language of the game is in English, but even beginners to cope well with the software. The chess program is designed for the Windows operating systems, so you can use it on almost all computers.

The idea for the development of brutal chess was to create a realistic simulation of chess in a 3D graphics in the different powerful opponents can be challenged. The game was developed as an open source project and can be thus freely downloaded by anyone and also further developed. With a file size of approximately five megabytes, the chess game takes not much space on the disk to complete. In addition to the classic chess colours black and white you in brutal chess set some more colors to your liking.

Description of the version: Brutal Chess

Brutal chess a completely new code in the open source project has been incorporated into the latest version of chess simulation. For the settings, your own menu was integrated into the game. Different strengths have been defined for the computer players. Thus, you can exercise yourself in your chess strength. You can now move the camera in the 3D animation. So you have different angles throughout the field and can watch better so the opponent. During the game, all trains will be recorded and you can track the history of trains.

The most important functions in brutal chess 0.5 alpha

• New menu for the settings
• Computer players in different strengths
• Move the camera in the 3D animation for different angles
• Follow the trains in recorded history

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