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The browser Anonymizer protects against traces on Web pages that can be stored.



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You cover the unique traces of your browser with the browser Anonymizer. This so-called fingerprint is deleted by the software, as well as cookies that store information about pages depending on.

The browser Anonymizer deletes all traces you leave behind when surfing with a browser on the Internet. A recognisable fingerprint, which you get with the software is created for each browser. You do the settings in the software in just a few steps. First you can delete the unique fingerprint of the browser, then all stored cookies. These allow more inferences about pages depending on. Settings, you can take out some cookies from deletion, for example, for pages that you frequently need. One of the advantages of the browser Anonymisierers is the simple configuration, which you set with a few clicks of the mouse. The software is suitable for beginners to the PC. Then running the program in the background and not interfere with working with the computer.

The browser Anonymizer works with the current browser versions. Thus you will find support for any browser. Mainly, the program ensures that no information about Web pages visited is stored. Most operating systems are supported by the browser anonymizers, so you can always use the program. The program is completely free and has no paid Pro version.

The idea of the program came through an investigation, that every browser leaves a certain fingerprint while surfing. This fingerprint can help that user faced with personalized advertising or other data stored by Web pages. The browser Anonymizer is designed to eliminate any trace of the Internet and to protect the user.

Description of the version: Browser-Anonymisierer

The latest version of the browser Anonymisierers is also the first developed Variant. You can set this with just a few clicks, which deletes all traces. You delete information stored in cookies as well as the fingerprint of the browser with the program. Settings, you can make an exception for some data and not delete them. According to the settings, the software completely in the background running and you need not to worry about the protection of your data.

The most important functions in the browser Anonymizer 1.0

• Delete the fingerprint of your browser
• Delete the information in cookies
• Preserve some cookies from deletion
• Run the program in the background

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