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Bridge construction set Pontifex II is a comprehensive bridge software on the market.



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Bridge Construction Set

Bridge construction set Pontifex II you ernennst you to the own Bridge Builder. Bridge construction set Pontifex II is a physically accurate simulation of the action at the bridge. You build you from level to level and observe whether your bridge can withstand a bandwagon. When you're done with the building, you can no longer intervene in the action and have to watch as the train enters the water falls, if your bridge was not good enough. Take the challenge and complete all levels in bridge construction set Pontifex II.

Bridge construction set Pontifex II features a level editor, with which you can create your own challenges for you. There are not only trains, but a number of other vehicles, that will test the firmness your design to the test. Bridge construction set Pontifex II contains draw bridges, suspension bridges, multi-story bridges and much more. You can build an infinite number of variations and admire your masterpiece in a lavish 3D view from all sides.

Bridge construction set Pontifex II offers you even the opportunity to commit your bridge from the person. You will feel someone would have used as front you on the train, while you do your first maiden voyage over the bridge. In bridge construction set Pontifex II you can drive through the bridges even with ships. Realize all your wishes as a bridge-builder with bridge construction set Pontifex II.

Other features of bridge construction set Pontifex II:

• 40 different levels
• 15 bridges crossing vehicles
• Bridge cable and hydraulic parts
• Create your own Map Pack
• Over 40 3D-Dekorationsobjekte
• Windows, Linux and Mac support

The development of bridge construction set Pontifex II

The bridge construction set Pontifex II Brückenbau simulation is used by the developer team chronic logic programmed. The game goes back to the classic bride Builder, already published in the year 2000. The first part of the pontiff was released in 2001. The game was from the outset an insider tip in the community and enjoyed great popularity. With the release of bridge construction set Pontifex II in 2002, made the developers team is permanently immortal and thus presented the best bridge simulation on the computer. Company chronic logic has its headquarters in the United States and is involved in many other software projects.

Description of the version: Bridge Construction Set

The new version of bridge construction set makes you the architect who builds bridges. You can construct car bridges, drawbridges with multiple floors or bridges. The new 3D graphics allows the viewing of your bridge from all perspectives. The final stress test a train over your newly built bridge is passed, and if he does not crash with the bridge in the water, you've done your thing well.

The bridge construction set 1.3 offers you

• Construction of many different bridges like suspension bridges, auto bridges u. v. a.
• 3D graphics provides insight from all angles.
• Test drive from the position of the Zugspitze.

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