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The bridge building game is the perfect pastime for those who like to figure and fiddle about.



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Bridge Building Game

Who ever wanted to dabble as a bridge engineer, is exactly the right address at the "Bridge Building Game" game. The puzzle fun can be not so soon get you rid of the PC.

Bridge building game is the game so to speak, the direct successor of the game "classic Bridge Builder" from the year 2000. The concept has not changed since 2000. In the coarse it comes still to build a bridge and hope that the following completed train may without prejudice to cross the bridge.

The playing surface in front of you, you got the first time you should be at best no graphics fanatics, because it is plain and simple. This is but not so wrong, because so you can keep track of the essentials and will not be distracted by colourful pictures. If you decide to start the first game, it will go until even quite human. A small river that required the construction of a small bridge. Half so wild, quickly made, as it is already. After construction, it's fingers crossed, because it follows a train that would cross your bridge of course. He manages to do so, did you win the level, you can't do this, can't you start again from scratch. Crossing color indicators show the burden of individual elements of bridge friends in the bridge building game. So you can see quickly, where still must to be rectified and the bridge has been a fairly stable grip. The beauty of the whole thing is, there is not only one way, not just a bridge that leads to the goal. It is up to your creativity and your ability as you solve the increasingly complex problems. You're through the game once, not end must still be long, you can try to minimize the cost of your bridge and to plan a workable framework with as few parts as possible.

Do you you compete with others, there are many forums where high scores can be posted for the bridge building game.

Description of the version: Bridge Building Game

The new version of the bridge building games has the advantage that you can duplicate bridge sections or sections with "Copy & paste" for you. In addition, you can turn well components around its own axis. The debit advices of the individual parts of the bridge were also new implements for you. Now, you can, adjust the weight of the train to bring your bridge to the limit. The graphics are worse in comparison to the classic Bridge Builder a track, this brings only a larger overview with himself and no disadvantages.

What's new list of the bridge builder game

• Impacted a colour withdrawal of the bridge parts
• Older bridge files are imported
• Copy & paste function for the bridge sections
• Rotate around the x axis

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