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With Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0 visually transform Windows XP into Windows Vista.



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BricoPack Longhorn Inspirat

You have Windows XP as the operating system on your computer and want to make it so. Only the desktop interface of Windows Vista like you much better. Your problem will be solved by Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack you can customize finally your XP interface 1.0 now the Vista format. While you have not only the possibility of changing the background graphics with Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0, you can shine with Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0 also the start menu, the icons, the application window and the mouse pointer in the Vista theme. Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0 changed only the optical appearance, your operating system will remain unchanged.

Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0 moves you also to the Vista style taskbar at the top of the screen. Here you can also choose, whether Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0 should display an analog or digital clock you. This taskbar that installed the program for you is naturally animated just like in Vista. If you have installed Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0 once, the program works completely independently. This convenient application gives the appearance of XP that 2007 first became known under the name Longhorn user interface of Windows XP for all graphical elements.

If you want to try to give the appearance of Vista applications, your applications from XP with Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0 you just click on the button "Download". The download is free and Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0 is simply installed on your computer in a few minutes and the customization of the desktop substance on the Vista format can finally go with Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0.

Design possibilities with Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0

• Start window with graphical representation in the Vista theme
• Animated system tray at the top of the screen
• Optional analog or digital clock
• Mouse pointer in the Vista theme
• All application Windows can be made visually
• The program works automatically after the installation

System requirements, download and installation

Longhorn Inspirat BricoPack 1.0 is intended for all users of the Windows operating system, Windows XP. The software is available for free download on the Internet. The download file size is 16.8 megabytes, the language is English. A German language pack is not available, but the user interface is easy to understand without much knowledge of English. Once installed, the program works fully automatically.

Description of the version: BricoPack Longhorn Inspirat

With the BricoPack Longhorn Inspirat, you can make your desktop interface so that it looks like you already have the next version. You still using Windows XP, but see the interface of Vista. This version is suitable for use with older versions of Windows, especially Windows XP. If you Windows Vista, Windows 7, or a new version of XP (x 64, SP2, or SP3) you used, should use the newer version of Vista Inspirat.

The main features of BricoPack Longhorn Inspirat

• Redesigned the desktop surface.
• Gives the appearance of the next version of the system.
• Makes old computers in current.
• For each Windows version a new BricoPack version.

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