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With Breitling world time you get an attractive world clock on your computer at home.



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Breitling World Time

In the name of Breitling many people probably think first the famous watch manufacturer from the Switzerland. This produces high-quality and high-quality watches that are located in the upper price segment. The company probably for its Chronographs which have achieved a global reputation is known. With the Breitling world time can you friends now a freeware program on your computer download, which was designed by the manufacturer.

Breitling world time is, as the name suggests, a world clock which you can let show you the current and exact time for each time zone in the world. It is even possible that still more information to the selected locations will be displayed. For example the day temperature or times of the corresponding Sunrise and sunset. Breitling world time is also able to provide the date and other measures. The program has a calculator, as well as a conversion tool. So, you're also able to calculate foreign currencies or to show you foreign lengths. The program is, as indicated, freeware; This means that you can free download the virtual Swiss world clock on your computer and install.

Download time easily and without additional computer skills Breitling world here. To do this you time simply click on the appropriate download button, and Breitling world is soon on your computer display the current time in different time zones of the world show you. The appearance of Breitling world time is exactly what you can expect from this brand. Breitling world time is challenging and follows a logical arrangement of control elements.

Many features of current Breitling world time

• World time
• Units of measure
• Currency converter
• Time for sunrise and sunset
• Display the time of six cities
• Different local times

Requirements for optimal viewing of Breitling world time on your home PC

You best get Breitling world time on your monitor, you need a Windows version from Windows 98. Also you can Breitling world time with Windows NT, ME, 2000, XP and Windows Vista or the latest Windows7 use. The download size of Breitling world time is approximately 4.7 megabytes (MB).

Description of the version: Breitling World Time

With the advanced features of Breitling world time watch at the same time seven time zones in a program window. This freeware tool now offers you a useful calculator, which you can convert even easier all currencies, dimensions, length and time units. An additional feature in the form of a small world map gives you information about your current location. If you have a MAC, you can use this revised freeware with a Windows emulator.

Main features of Breitling world time in the version 9.21

• Seven time zones at a glance available
• Calculator for currencies, measurements, length and time units
• With Windows emulator compatible for MAC

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