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BPM Studio Professional offers professional music management and will be further developed with DJs.



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BPM Studio Professional

Professional music management in a program.

As a DJ, you have to ensure that the guests at the party have fun. Interruptions or long pauses are as lethal, because if the party once rocks, the music must run continuously. Previously was handled with multiple turntables or CD players, today makes BPM Studio Professional for you.

With BPM you need carry no more CDs Studio professional DJ, because several 10,000 titles to play are available via the software. About the built-in functions, transitions are not a problem, you can play loops and deliver a really great show. New in BPM Studio Professional are can automatic gain control (AGC) - very useful at MP3 files because they provide very different levels and you now just compensate for this in advance. With the new playlist management of BPM Studio Professional you can keep even with large archives the overview. About the playlist management in BPM Studio Professional you can leave at any time afterwards you create a list of tracks, were played in one day. This no more stress also serves as proof for you to the settlement at the GEMA, so also in the place. The BPM print designer of BPM Studio Professional you can then formatted print out these and other lists and provide an event organiser or the GEMA.

BPM Studio Professional allows you about the new feature "CD-Writer Audio / MP3" create your own audio CD with your mix or your compilations. No permanent change is necessary more between different programs, but you can do everything about BPM Studio Professional. And a very special feature, that you can find only at BPM Studio Professional and any other comparable product: remote control. Do you have access to the basic functions and can BPM Studio Professional from any computer in the world via Telnet or HTTP commands control.

The new features of BPM Studio Professional:

• 19 Inch panels
• ACG - automatic gain control
• Playlist management to manage large archives
• BPM print designer - print lists for organizers or GEMA
• CD-writer audio/MP3 - own mix or compilation CD create
• BPM remote access player - remote control via Telnet or HTTP

About BPM Studio Professional

Manufacturer of the software, as well as further products for professional music management is ALCATECH GmbH & Co KG from Dresden. The Alcatech are constantly evolving products and improved in cooperation with DJs. Access to a large number of music tracks without CDs and professional procedures will focus on the products and developments.

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