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Encrypts all data before it goes into the cloud.



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Dropbox, Google drive, SkyDrive, or Sugar Sync - but please encrypted.

BoxCryptor is the professional in terms of encryption and supports newly named cloud service provider. Who his data not unprotected "lying around" would have on the Web, which is happy with BoxCryptor. BoxCryptor allows you to encrypt all your data, before you store it in the cloud? And this is how: BoxCryptor sets up a virtual drive, on this drive you store your data and folders. With a right click on this data you can encrypt easy. The whole is now synchronized with the associated cloud service. Child's play - the encryption but it has in itself. BoxCryptor uses AES-256 and RSA encryption. But what good is the best encryption if the password is weak. So also the tip from the editors: choose a password with uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters. It should also be possible for, then your data is safe.

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