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Bowling PC brings you a virtual bowling alley in the House, where you can play also together.



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Bowling PC

Bowling is a popular pastime, but needed some players for. If you do not want to abandon even without the appropriate team bowling, you should download bowling PC from the Internet. This game simulation is a so-called freeware, which means that you have to pay anything for the use of bowling PC. The program works according to the rules, you have to take into account also in the real bowling. Here you have the opportunity to compete with bowling PC to your computer as a virtual opponent or against another player. The control takes place via the mouse and can be very easily learn and manage. Just like in the real bowling you must clear ten bowling pins in no more than two litters at the bowling PC, to achieve a good result.

Some getting used for bowling PC is the fact that this is available only in English. It has internalized the English words from the bowling game but quickly as a user. The program allows you to select different balls for you and your fellow players. The graphical representation of the bowling alley manages fairly well bowling PC. Also the path the ball takes on the surface of bowling PC is very good to follow. Of course, the current scores at the bottom of the screen are displayed. Bowling PC shows every successful special litter such as a strike or spare in and ensures that the free throws may be enabled thereby also correct evaluation.

Bowling PC is a quite successful and free simulation, which can make you a lot of fun. If you want to install bowling PC on your computer, you should now click the button "Download". An installation wizard will guide you through the further installation process. If the simulation program is properly set up on your computer, you can set your options such as ball size, weight, etc. and immediately start playing.

The functions and the game interface of bowling PC

• Simple control with the mouse
• Setting options for individual players (ball size/weight)
• Correct classification of special throws such as strike and spare
• Visually appealing represented bowling alley
• Good traceability of individual shots
• Free freeware

System requirements

Bowling PC corresponds to the Windows operating systems, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista. This free freeware download size 8.4 MB. The program is available only in an English language version, and can be adapted individually a little.

Description of the version: Bowling PC

You can create with bowling PC an authentic bowling alley on your screen. You bespielst the three-dimensional bowling alley from the perspective of a real player. The cool design of the railway ensures the right bowling atmosphere. To choose, you've got multiple languages. The program is suitable for several players, so that up to four people can play. Through the skillful movement of the mouse, you can define exactly your throw.

The various functions of bowling PC:

• Your high scores that you can transfer and compare with others in the Internet
• spread the authentic appearance and the cool design of the bowling alley a cool atmosphere
• Your high scores can be transmitted on the Internet

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