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Bosskey is the perfect tool for all those who want to protect their privacy in the Office.



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With Bosskey see summarizes all features in an easy-to-use program, you need to effectively protect your privacy at work from prying eyes.

Nothing is more exasperating than a curious chef who looks a over the shoulder and can make no pause in between. The tool Bosskey if also you in the Office including pain that you can't see to that on your computer screen, whatever you want, might be interesting for you. Whenever you want to protect the content on the screen from prying eyes, you press the Bosskey. A mouse click or KeyPress is enough and it looks like you should never interrupt your work. A handy feature for everyday office life.

Bosskey is a small software with a large effect. You can create multiple virtual desktops and between these working environments continuously to move back and forth. That's like you would work not only on a computer, but just in several. On this meadow you can cleanly separate private and professional. Once nothing more on the screen you want the display of specific content of one of the desktops, you easily switch to any of the other. Your local work steps are saved, so that you can continue your work seamlessly. Who does not know the virtual desktops, which will never notice that you simultaneously work on several things in truth. A feature that you should not give.

The developers of Bosskey
The useful little tool Bosskey is available completely free of charge. It is developed by Robin Keir, who is responsible for the programming of a large number of additional tools and is committed to its continuous improvement.

Description of the version: Bosskey

Bosskey is now even more powerful than ever in the new version 2.0. With the new version, it is now possible to establish up to ten different desktops, which are all available for your different tasks. On computers without large hardware equipment, these ten desktops can be calculated parallel thanks to a refined design of the software. In this way, you can more effectively protect your privacy with Bosskey as this was previously possible.

Bosskey can set up to ten desktops.

• It supports up to ten different virtual desktops at the same time
• All desktops can now be provided with an individual hotkey
• Single window may be exempted from the hide

Bosskey to tray windows program win software window program virtual desktop hide windows win programs windows hide program hide hide programs window hide hide window hide taskbar key hide web page programs software hide hide tray hide screen application hide bosskey

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