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BootVis analyzes and optimizes the boot up your computer for Windows XP perfectly.



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Starting a computer of that works with Windows XP, may be sometimes very long. The Windows - tool BootVis will help you solve this problem and in optimizing your processor usage.

BootVis booting your computer is a software that allows you to accelerate up to 50 percent. Simply install the program on "Trace" and click "Optimize System" and the software automatically starts the optimization program. Make it just that your task scheduler is enabled, otherwise an error message.

First, BootVis analyzes all the parts of the PCs that are active during boot up. A whole lot of control programs and applications are especially in Windows XP. Then BootVis displays the loading effort friends, each individual element is required. It also displays how much is the entire load of the computer when downloading. All the data are represented you in colour different marked graphs. The tables are so clearly that you must be a computer expert to understand it.

On the basis of this analysis, BootVis optimizes your boot process. You can track how much faster your PC now boots up, down to the millisecond. Simply start a second parsing operation and compare the previous time now required. Or let's just list show a before/after - you, to see which programs on your computer are so time consuming. Perhaps, you do not need it and can try to avoid the use of similar programs in the future. To optimize the boot process on your computer, click on the download - button. Lose no time and the BootVis Windows - here free to download tool for us.

Description of the version: BootVis

Using the BootVis software has lots of benefits for you. You shorten the boot up your computer. Also, it reduces the amount of work your processor of that is at first very high especially in Windows XP. The easy-to-understand application simplifies the optimisation process and the program provides also detailed comparative values of the before and after State. In almost every PC startup can be with this program by some seconds shorten and the also completely free of charge.

Advantages of BootVis for Windows XP users

• Simple optimization of the Bootingvorgangs
• Representation of the values in well-arranged charts and tables
• Before / after comparison possible
• Free use of the software
• Optimum processor load

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