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  • Windows 1.05a

BootSkin allows personalization of the startup screen of Windows XP and Windows 2000.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


With the BootSkin program you can personalize easily your Windows startup screen. Let startup landscapes, family photos, cities or even a witty saying appear.

The booting of the computer can sometimes take some still constantly to look at a boring image, usually does not improve mood. With the BootSkin program you can miss a new image to your home screen. The BootSkin advantage is that this program change of the screen does not intervene in the Windows kernel. This is a difference from other programs that can change the BootScreen. So, the original settings are completely preserved. After the BootSkin download you can download designs that you like, simply in the program. The only requirement is that these files have a boot skin format. BootSkin then stores them and creates a preview of all existing images. So did you just an overview about your choices and can more quickly decide which design at booting up your computer will appear. You can set the Windows default at any time easily again.

If you find your desired images rather than boat skin files, you can create some with the program. This works with images that have a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and not more than 16 colors as the color depth. So you can look at pictures of your family or self-made photos when booting up your computer. The program has a file size 943,2 KB and is suitable for Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. The program language is English. Personalise your home screen and that with BootSkin without complicated entries in the registry.

Description of the version: BootSkin

The current version of BootSkin contains five different images for the Windows startup screen, which are shown in a preview. The clear user interface makes it easy to download additional files from the manufacturer's website. A particularly practical feature of the new version is the ability to convert your own images in boat .skin files and to set it as start screen. With just a few clicks, the original state of Windows can be restore this version.

Current features of the new BootSkin version

• Five sample images are already included
• Boat skin files can simply be added to the program
• Conversion of own images possible
• Easy recovery of Windows origin view

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