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With "Bonjour", devices can recognize without having the IP addresses need to be entered.



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You can with the program "Bonjour" networking technology from Apple also used, if you have a Windows PC. Devices discover each other automatically with "Bonjour". You need to configure them not additionally.

For the Windows PC, there is now also the networking technology from Apple. The necessary program called "Bonjour". It is possible that computers automatically to find services in IP networks and devices. Through the industry-standard IP protocols used by "Bonjour", the device can automatically each other discover. The IP addresses are not given a and the DNS servers must be configured also.

Known HTTP server can be detected by the plugin integrated in the program for the Internet Explorer. To enable the search with "Bonjour", you in the Internet Explorer tool bar just click on the "Bonjour" icon. And then you can see whether there are devices with Bonjour, and integrated Web server on your local network. They appear in the list.

An Add Printer Wizard is also included. With this, you can print from Windows computers on the Bonjour network printers. In addition, you can print to USB printer when they are released via an AirPot extreme or AirPort Express base station. Now, every major manufacturer of network printers "Bonjour", has acquired since its introduction in 2002 by Apple. The program offers also have iPod and iTunes support services and a QT quick starter. You will find very rapidly these after installation in the startup. Thus you can acquire easily you, listen to iTunes music, or watch movies in QT. The automatic installation of iTunes, you can buy your favorite music in the Apple music goals or convert the songs in Appel-QT-AAC.

Description of the version: Bonjour

Bonjour is a networking technology from Apple. This new program is available now for Windows PCs. Previously, the program under the name rendezvous was known. You can print, if you have a Windows PC, so on Bonjour network printers or USB printers, when these are released for an AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express base station. This program there since 2002 and since then, every major vendor of network printers has taken over Bonjour. With this program, the devices discover each other automatically.

Bonjour - performance overview and system requirements

• Automatic detection of devices
• Apple's networking technology Bonjour for Windows PC
• Plug-in for Internet Explorer
• Requirements: Win XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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