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Bombic offers a lot of fun as a freeware clone of Bomberman in the story - or Deathmatch mode.



  • License: Shareware
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Bombic is a freeware clone of Bomberman, but offers more than the original. In story mode, you can play after a proper story on several levels, and you meet interesting artificial intelligences. In Deathmatch multiplayer mode, you're playing at the same time on the same PC against three other players.

The freeware game Bombic is not just any other clone of the legendary original Bomberman - opinion of most users, it is the best! In the game of skill is there, free to bomb himself towards his opponents, to hunt them then also into the air. The opponent is defeated, you are doing a level. Overall you're playing you through 27 different levels with different virtual worlds. At the beginning, you can currently have only a bomb. By collecting power-ups, you have the possibility to increase the number of your bombs and their explosive power. But be careful: you blow up accidentally into the air! When creating the bomb, a RADIUS is specified, how far the explosion expands. You're too close, you have to believe it myself!

Bombic gives you the choice between story mode and Deathmatch mode. In the story, you're a little Blue Monster (Bombic), which itself must pave the way by placing bombs to an opponent, in this case an artificial intelligence. Enemies vary in their appearance and behavior, and some of them are more powerful than others. Very convenient: After each level successfully completed you will receive a code. So, can you finish Bombic and need to start at the restart of the game by entering the code not all over again.

You compete against your friends in the multiplayer Deathmatch: up to three players can sit at the same time with friends on the same PC and play on different cards. The rules of your game can determine you in advance, for example how many points to the victory should be necessary and what types of power-ups there. The points are distributed per winning round. It got you in a round, you can again join in the next round.

Description of the version: Bombic

The game is in 2D and is based on the original Bomberman. Differently than other Bomberman clones a continuous storyline is offered here in the story mode, however, which increases the attraction of the game. Navigation is using the arrow keys of the keyboard. You put the bombs with the right CTRL key. The current version of the game is version 1.0 (stand 30.05.2011). The freeware unzip by itself, after the installation, you run the file Bombic.exe. The game manual is included in the package.

Information about Bombic 1.0, the further developed freeware clone of Bomberman

• The file size is 4.3 MB
• The game runs on all major Windows versions
• Action and shooter game on different levels
• Single-player and multiplayer possible

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