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Bomberman world online you compete live against up to six different opponents.



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Bomberman World Online

One of the funniest party and multiplayer games draws on the World Wide Web: with the free Bomberman World online you can compete live against other real opponents from around the world. Atmosphere guaranteed!

For 25 years, the Japanese cult game Bomberman is a term on the market and many gamblers. With your character, Bomberman, you're on a maze-like playing field on which there are destructible and not destructible walls. Can you make passages through clever placement of bombs and blow up free then to dedicate hidden tools your main task: to hunt down your enemies into the air. Up to six gamer may at Bomberman World find themselves in the net to a game together online and then against each other in the battle. The one who lasts the longest and last, has won. But be careful: you can be friends too much time hunting your opponents, uses the sudden death mode and the playing field begins to shrink. You're on one of the outer fields, then you've lost.

As with every Bomberman game there are many gamblers already known online also with Bomberman World and very coveted extras. These appear randomly in the way blown up walls and can be collected by all players. A small flame increases your yield, by a small bomb, you can put another bomb. And the small red Boxing Glove allows you to push a before you bomb, and to escape from the fallen of opponent.

The game principle is as simple as it is ingenious and the multiplayer Bomberman world online makes a lot of fun. The mangaähnlichen figures, the loud playing fields and Jolly music acts the game almost like a piece of pop art and has long since reached cult status. Also it is easy to understand, so the entry also players who are not professional gamblers, succeeds in quickly.

Description of the version: Bomberman World Online

The new Bomberman World online when compared to its predecessors to offer some interesting innovations. In addition to the other game variants, there are further opportunities in the online portal. There you're seeing not only your future opponents, but can also create your own avatar and it completely according to your own ideas freely. Hairstyle, hair color, clothing and accessories are freely selectable and give a unique, personal touch to the game.

All new features in version 4.4 in the overview.

• Panel attack mode: Panel attack mode: the player who freely has destroyed most fields, WINS.
• Team mode: you plug it together with two or three other players and compete against an opposing team.

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