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BOINC uses your computer's unused resources to participate in research projects.



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BOINC does Berkeley open infrastructure for networking computing. With BOINC you can participate in the search for extraterrestrial life, as well as calculating complex climate models. BOINC is a free program that connects you to University servers and teams of researchers in the world. About BOINC, you're not required processor performance for scientific projects available.

The use of BOINC is relatively straightforward. You choose a project you, where you want to be like to participate in. For this special project, you can donate a certain portion of the processing power of your computer with this program. You website's what to think on this on the BOINC a user account. BOINC now connects to the server on which the project you have chosen is located, and invites non-computed data packages on your computer. In the background, now start your PC to solve these mathematical equations of BOINC loaded and sends back the results to the Project Server. With the installation and use of this program you contribute it is supposed, that calculates complex climate models or radio signals from space can be evaluated. This BOINC offers you the possibility of the individual calculation models to represent graphical evaluation and to use it as a screen saver.

If you so want to participate with the unused computing power of your computer to major research projects around the world, you can now free download BOINC. You have to click on the button "Download" and follow the instructions on your screen. Create a user account on the provider side is not a problem. Have you done all of these steps, is your computer is part of a research team.

The functions of BOINC

• Makes available unused computing power
• Uploads project data on your PC
• Works in the background
• Sends the results to the Project Server
• Graphs the results as a screen saver
• Requires a user account on the BOINC website

System requirements and download

BOINC is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and 2003, Windows NT, Windows XP and Windows Vista. You will need to continue to at least 20 MB free hard disk storage space, a processor 500 MHz or higher and 128 MB of RAM. The software is available free for download on the Internet as freeware. The download file size is 7 megabytes, and for the installation, a wizard, which will guide you through the entire installation process is you.

Description of the version: BOINC

With the latest version of BOINC, you can now more effectively to support projects that want to share your computer performance. For example, BOINC is now able to make inactive tasks automatically in the background. As the computing power that is reserved for this purpose can also be used. In this way, you may have open programs that are just waiting for more events, without to deduct the computing power of the scientific projects.

The most important changes in BOINC 6.10.58

• inactive tasks are placed automatically in the background
a single screen saver combines all platforms •
• the transfer rate can be adjusted to a maximum

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