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You can find Bluetooth devices in the vicinity of your computer with BluetoothView.



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If you quickly and easily find out which Bluetooth devices are in the vicinity of your computer, you're exactly right with BluetoothView. If your computer has a corresponding interface, all Bluetooth devices in the immediate vicinity of the PC can be traced much like when WiFi scanners, which have become now very popular, (such as handhelds or mobile phones).

The free software will answer after the program starts as an icon in the system tray. BluetoothView does their work then unobtrusively in the background. BluetoothView reports with a corresponding note if the freeware has traced a Bluetooth enabled device. All visible Bluetooth antenna devices appear on mouse-click of BluetoothView. Including the timing of the discovery, the exact location, the model name and manufacturer name.

The software is always on the search for Bluetooth devices and works like a small radar device. The freeware will afford a good service in everyday life, this much is sure. On the other hand, although all conventional Bluetooth driver programs offer the features that offers also BluetoothView. These driver programs you can contact usually directly with the individual devices in connection, but BluetoothView provides a much cleaner interface.

Features of BluetoothView

• Immediate
• Manufacturer collection
• Model is displayed
Location will be indicated •
• Time of discovery will be sent
• looks inconspicuously in the background

More and more Bluetooth

Since has enjoyed Bluetooth interface popularity and established itself on the market, you need of course software, providing assistance where appropriate. BluetoothView withdraws in the footsteps of many popular Bluetooth driver programs that detect all Bluetooth devices such as handhelds or mobile phones, which are located in the immediate vicinity of your computer this way. Because such devices are now flooding the market and almost every new phone comes via a Bluetooth interface, it makes sense if you have installed a software like BluetoothView immediately signals you when Bluetooth devices are in the computing environment. BluetoothView is very well accepted, although also the most conventional drivers programs of the Bluetooth devices have functionality similar to BluetoothView and connect the PC and the Bluetooth device with other Bluetooth compatible hardware. BluetoothView is very clearly laid out and easier to handle than many of the other programs.

Description of the version: BluetoothView

Offers you the new version of BluetoothView improved export opportunities for CSV and tab-delimited formats. Enabling this feature an additional line in the export file is inserted when exporting the detected Bluetooth devices, which contains the names of the columns. Thus, the consideration of export file in an appropriate viewer such as for example a spreadsheet for you is easier and clearer.

New features of the current version of BluetoothView 1.40

• Export has been improved and supplemented
• Export in CSV or tab separated format
• Insert an additional row that contains the column labels
• Display available Bluetooth devices
• Specifying the device name, Bluetooth address, and other criteria
• No installation required

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